Add Deed Codes

Code Description
A Certificate of Amendment to a subdivision, parcel map or land division without a new recording of a plat.
B Property is/was involved in a bankruptcy proceeding.
BD Transfer of ownership to another person upon the death of the grantor.
C Deed to clear title by a non-interest holding grantor, documentation to support "sole and separate" declaration or documentation to clear a possible interest in title.
CA Certificate of Amendment to change a corporation's name. This code followed by a date reflects an unrecorded document.
CC Court case that does not change ownership, recorded or unrecorded. Includes all case types except Bankruptcy, Divorce Decree and Order of Immediate Occupancy.
CF Combination form, a request by the owners of property for an administrative combination without any type of map.
CO-OP Reflects a Co-op property.
COR Correction deed recorded to correct a flaw in the title history. Must refer to the previous deed. Only used if the existing deed and the correction deed are needed to make a complete transfer.
CT Certificate of Sale or deed pending a time limit.
D Combination or Division Forms that cannot be processed for assessment purposes 
DD Divorce Decree
DF Division form, a request by owners of property to divide an assessor's parcel along legal lot lines.
G Grantor (seller) not stated properly, unclear or missing on deed
H Signature issue, grantor did not sign deed or signed incorrectly.
IMPS Document for ownership of improvements, if separate from the land.
J Grantee (buyer) not stated properly, unclear or missing on deed.
L Legal description is incorrect, incomplete or missing from the document.
LD Land Division worked on Assessor's Records.
Lease Lease date or recording.
LS Lease cut made by request of the property owner to create a separate tax parcel for the leased area.
M Miscellaneous or multiple issues or Add Deed Codes
MF Miscellaneous File - Recorded Map
N Notary Issue
NR Notice of Recission Trustees Deed Upon Sale.
OC Order of Immediate Occupancy.
PAT# Unrecorded Patent.
PB Plat Book - subdivision was not worked on the Assessor's records, usually in addition to another Add Deed code.
PM Parcel Map was not worked on the Assessor's records, usually in addition to another Add Deed code.
PR Patent Recording.
PT Portion - used on a parcel combination to reflect all of the vesting deeds.
R Road Deed (dedication) was not worked on the Assessor's Records.
RD Road Deed (dedication) worked on the Assessor's Records.
SF Survey File
T Termination of Joint Tenancy was not processed on assessment records
Timeshare Reflects a Timeshare Property
U Interest stated on the deed does not match the Assessor's records or is unclear.
V Road Vacation was not worked on Assessor's Records
VAC Road Vacation or Resolution of Abandonment worked on Assessor's records.
W Parcel Map Waiver
X Court Case or Decree of Divorce indicating deeds are to be recorded by parties involved.
Z Division of land recorded without a map or a survey/deed indicating a lot line adjustment without the other to support it.
$ Transfer Tax Correction recorded by the County Recorder.
# Transfer that requires court authorization.


Old Add Deed Codes

Old Code New Code Description
DDS N/A Document recorded in the Book of Deeds (old official records).
K G Ownership issue - grantor may be using a diferent name from acquired name. Requires verification that they are one in the same
MISC. N/A Document recorded in Miscellaneous Book of Deeds (old official records).
P G Ownership issue - the property is owned as individuals but the grantor is deeding out as a trust.
Q G Ownership issue - the property is owned in a trust and the grantor is deeding out as an individual.
S # Deed transferring property out of an estate without proper authorization (missing probate information).